Meet us at eTail West 2020

As we look ahead at the new year and the new decade, it’s clear that eCommerce offers retailers a massive and ever-growing opportunity to increase their profits. But while the amount of money being spent online continues to increase, so do the hurdles facing these companies.

Today, during 15% to 25% of online shopping sessions, the shopper will be exposed to injected ads displayed via malware, WiFi hijacking, or both. In other words, they will be targeted by Customer Journey Hijacking.

These ad injections divert the shopper off your website, often straight to the arms of your competitors.
With our leading Customer Hijacking Prevention platform, we've helped companies such as Argos, ASICS, TUMI, and Samsonite protect their customer journeys and increase revenue by 2-5%.
Book a meeting in advance and we will prepare a personalized demo for so you can see for yourself!