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The GDPR Webinar

30 Days After the GDPR Deadline: What Have We Learned and What’s Next?

Watch the recording of Namogoo’s GDPR webinar and gain exclusive insights from industry leaders.

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Rob Beeler


Rob Beeler, AdMonsters Chairman & Founder of Beeler.Tech

Rob has 20 plus years of ad operations and AdTech experience and is the Chairman of AdMonsters and Founder of Beeler.Tech.

Alexandra Isenegger


Gillian Fishman, Legal Consultant at Linkilaw

Gillian specializes in commercial contracts and data protection, and has helped hundreds of businesses with GDPR compliance.

Eyal Katz


Eyal Katz, Senior Marketing Manager at Namogoo

Eyal is the founder of the Facebook group GDPR Compliance for Digital Publishers. He has over 5 years experience in AdTech and is Senior Marketing Manager for Namogoo.

  • Moving Past Consent
    What should publishers worry about after consent is already gained?
  • Top Publisher Insights
    How are top publishers handling GDPR regulations?
  • Top GDPR Misconceptions
    Is what you currently know about GDPR completely accurate?